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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Rabat is One of the four imperial cities of Morocco; national capital since 1912.
For this reason Rabat is a good first base to start exploring Morocco. You can get in touch with life the morrocan way at your own pace.
The Kingdom's capital, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, has roots buried deep in a millenium of history..
In the heart of the city stands the Tour Hassan, the last vestige of an unfinished mosque. Behind its marble columns, the Mohammed V Mausoleum ., Rabat symbolises the infinite variety of Morocco. Rabat opens up only slowly to you. At the first day of your first arrival you will discover that there is another atmosphere here, and compared to other Moroccan cities people are a bit shy and don't start talking to you easily. Somehow, they don't care about you. , it elegantly combines an ancient history with modern culture.

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Major sites
Mausoleum of Mohammed V
Mohammed V University
is located in the city.
Hassan Tower

Chellah necropolis

Kasbah Oudayas

Natives from Rabat
Younes El Aynaoui (born September 12, 1971), professional tennis player
Dominique de Villepin(born 14 November 1953), Current Prime Minister of France

et Moi how gew up in J3 Yacoub Mansour

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Tomas said...

I have been to Morocco. I liked this amazing and exotic country! I liked Tetouan, it is a picturesque, with one of the oldest old towns in Morocco where local traders sell traditional crafts in the intertwined streets with its marble fountains, royal palace and orange groves. It is most Moroccan city, that's why people buy in Tetouan property.
Rabat and Casablanca are also very nice, but it is more modern cities!

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